Our facilities are being used in polish mines of different kinds, building industry, power industry, cement plants, shipbuilding industry, sewage treatment plants in Poland and also in foreign countries for instance Ukraine, Byelorussia, Russia, Bulgaria, Peru, Columbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, South Africa, Vietnam, Iran.

Transporting Systems
With a participation of Logtech a logistic&design company we manufacture transporting systems for motor industry. The systems are being used on the German and American market in such factories as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Opel.
Sub-assembly Parts:
- Kubota Baumaschinen GmbH – Germany/Japan – excavator’s parts
- DBT Mining Engineers GmbH – Germany
- Welding Alloys – England – welding machines’ parts
- Sub-assembly casings’ parts for mining industry
- Expo – Germany – welded constructions, used in a building industry

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